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Military Projects

Hurricane Sally Package 6

NAS Pensacola, FL
Contract Value: $29.9M

ESA was contracted to provide interior and exterior repairs to 15 buildings damaged due to Hurricane Sally. The scope of work for each building varied dependent on requirements for mold remediation, roofing system replacement, interior renovations, exterior improvement, and stormwater prevention. Additionally, some buildings have unique repairs such as metal wall panel replacement or a complete roof demolition and replacement. Types of facilities included hangars, classrooms, electrical distribution station, storage, radar facility, warehouses, headquarters, Naval Exchange, and fire station. The site remained active during the renovation and repair.

Hurricane Sally Package 1

NAS Pensacola, FL
Contract Value: $14.3M

ESA performed design-build construction for restoration of buildings damaged during Hurricane Sally. The scope of work included repair and replace roof; replacement of interior finishes, doors, and windows; repairs to fire suppression and fire alarm systems, electrical, communications, and mechanical systems; repairs to building site; and lead and asbestos abatement and mold remediation.

Dust Collectors Replacement

Kings Bay, GA
Contract value: $1.9M

ESA replaced two large 23,500 CFM industrial dust collectors, two medium 4,850 CFM dust collectors, and their associated blast pots from the consolidated paint and blasting facility within Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA. This project included the safe and efficient removal of the existing dust collectors, ductwork, fire suppression, and electrical connections located in B4041. Additionally, ESA procured and installed new dust collector assemblies in compliance with the provided specifications. The new systems were connected to the existing ductwork and ensured proper airflow and ventilation. After installation, ESA conducted testing and commissioning to verify that the dust collector assemblies were fully operational and met the required performance standards.

Crown Mountain Modular Firing Range

St. Thomas, USVI
Contract value: $725,000

ESA is teaming with MILO Live on a new 4-lane modular firing range for the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office in St. Thomas, USVI. The St. Thomas locations is at CBP's newest field office, completed and opened in January 2023. The location, a former naval barracks facility atop Crown Mountain, was sourced by DHS and remodeled and rehabilitated. It overlooks Lindbergh Bay, the Caribbean Sea, and the Island's Cyril King Airport. The office currently houses a component of CBP personnel, as well as a dog kennel, fitness center, and meeting/training spaces. ESA is providing the footing and drainage work and installing the electrical components necessary for the project. Once ESA's personnel complete the sitework and foundation, MILO Live will finish out the project in the spring of 2024.

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Modular Firing Range

Columbus AFB, GA
Contract Value: $4.9M

Designed and assembled by MILO Live and constructed on site under a contract with ESA South, the modular range was built to provide comprehensive training opportunities, allowing Columbus AFB Airmen to fulfill their deployment requirements on-site, eliminating the need for external travel. This not only enhanced convenience but also resulted in significant cost savings. By having the range readily available, the 14th Security Forces Squadron will save approximately $60,000 annually on commercial range fees and reclaim over 500 hours of drive time. This valuable time can now be spent with loved ones before deployment.

ESA South was awarded the contract in July 2021 and oversaw all site work, while MILO Live designed the structure for the entire modular range from their Las Vegas, Nevada facilities, and assembled the structure on site. The range has a wide-open design, bullet traps, a control room, seven extra wide stalls, innovative shooting trays, acoustic materials, and unique target systems. The HVAC system is strategically located on the roof, optimizing space and functionality. With its small footprint and cutting-edge features, the modular indoor range at Columbus AFB represents a significant advancement in military training infrastructure.

Equipment Concentration Site Design and Repair

Camp Shelby, MS
Contract Value: $22M

ESA was contracted to provide renovation, construction, and HazMat remediation of this equipment concentration site including vehicle maintenance shop (VMS), warehouses, administration buildings, sidewalks and access roads, and parking lot. New construction consists of the connector addition at the gap between wings of the VMS. Additionally, sidewalks, curbs, parking, access roads, exterior lighting, site improvement, grading and landscaping are included in the renovation. Minor HazMat remediation is required for electrical devices and asbestos containing materials.