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Disaster Relief Projects

Hurricane Michael Relief

Tyndall Air Force Base, FL
Contract value: $24M

ESA was pleased to be a part of the mission to help stand up Tyndall AFB and work as a key subcontractor to KBRwyle under the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program IV (AFCAP) responding to the destruction from Hurricane Michael. The mission was a progression of debris removal, damage assessments, temporary preservation, permanent repairs, building envelopes repairs, remediation, (including mold, lead, and asbestos), interior build backs, and demolition. ESA was involved in almost every aspect of the AFCAP IV mission with a period of performance from October 2018 to July 2019.

Intermediate Roofing

Temporary rapid repair and roofing response was instrumental in saving 18 buildings.


Remediated more than 20 buildings including all 5 major hangars on Tyndall AFB.

Building Envelopes

ESA protected and repaired 7 mission critical buildings meeting accelerated timelines.

Build Back

ESA was awarded and performed build back work on 4 of the 5 hangars.

Operation Allies Welcome, Operation Allies Refuge

Fort Bliss, TX
Contract value: $3.2M

ESA was pleased to be a first-tier general contractor for KBRwyle’s mission to support Operation Allies Welcome (OAW) and Operation Allies Refuge (OAR). Fort Bliss was one of eight Department of Defense (DOD) installations supporting the resettlement of Afghan nationals that are also known as “safe havens”. The military men and women of Task Force Bliss enabled the resettlement of approximately 11,400 Afghan evacuees. The period of performance for the four rapid response task orders was September 2021 to January 2022.

The ESA team provided temporary building modifications equipped with generators, air handling units, and connections to mechanical systems. The team designed, constructed, and installed six self-service laundry facilities. Fencing was an important consideration for safety and the team provided and installed approximately 200 linear feet of fencing with a lockable gate and shade canopy in the administration area. We also provided various appliances and office supplies. Additional temporary fencing was provided and installed around the processing and storage facilities. Our team provided maintenance on the fencing and all accessories to secure the fencing. The scope of work included daily upkeep, repairs, inspections, personnel and equipment at the site, and other services.

Hurricanes Laura and Delta Temporary Roofing

Lake Charles, LA
Contract value: $12.5M

Responding to Hurricane Laura, the ESA team installed 3,500 temporary roofs over the course of 30 days. When Hurricane Delta was projected to impact the same locations as Laura, ESA was forced to demobilize and re-mobilize for the second phase where ESA performed an additional 2,000 rights of entry over 30 days. Work consisted of new temporary roofs and repair/replacement of previously installed temporary roofs. At mission completion, ESA has installed more than 9.5M SF of poly on more than 5,500 roofs.

Hurricane Sally Relief

NAS Pensacola, FL
Contract value: $6M

Following Hurricane Sally in September 2020, ESA performed restoration services to stabilize facilities as a first-tier subcontractor to CH2M/Jacobs on the US Navy Global Contingency Contract (GCC) for a four-month period of performance. ESA conducted facility assessments, including evaluation of roof damage; water damage; HVAC system operations; and damage to exterior windows, doors, structure, and other building components. Where applicable, rapid stabilization was provided to prevent further degradation and enable the facility’s continued use pending permanent repairs.

The team provided dehumidification and removed all saturated or damaged interior building materials, including wet, moldy drywall in ceilings and walls, suspended ceiling tiles, and carpet. Construction included drywall and temporary roofing installation, and mechanical and electrical systems repair. The team provided demolition of structures that were designated beyond repair, asbestos remediation where needed, and removed fallen trees and debris. Temporary power and HVAC, and emergency roadway lighting was provided.

Hurricane Irma Temporary Roofing

Various Counties, FL
Contract value: $9M

ESA was tasked to provide temporary roofing for nine counties in Florida. The area of response did not share a common border requiring ESA to be responsible for 6,946 square miles with approximately 5.1M residents. ESA mobilized, ramped up, and operated three separate and distinct logistical staging areas in three different theaters of operation. ESA installed 3,878 temporary roofs across the state with a representative share of 30% of all temporary roofs by prime contractors who primarily performed roofing activities. The work was contracted under the ACI Emergency Temporary Roof Repairs in Support of USACE/FEMA for 19 coastal states contract with a threshold of $45M.

Hurricane Isaac Generator Mission

Alabama and Mississippi
Contract value: $1M

In August of 2012, ESA was contracted via an in-place blanket purchase agreement contract to provide 108 generators to FEMA for distribution in Alabama and Mississippi. Generators were shipped in from across the country and were arriving at the Maxwell Air Force Base staging yard within 48 hours of notice to proceed. ESA’s crew operated 24 hours a day to receive, inspect, and stage the incoming generators and necessary connection cables. Generator sizes were from 20KW - 1000KW. After the mission, ESA returned all generators and returned the staging area back to Maxwell Air Force Base in its original condition.

Joplin EF-5 Tornado

Joplin, MO
Contract value: $2.2M

ESA provided new construction of four facilities, including a temporary fire house, Emerson Elementary School, Franklin Technology School, and Northview High School. ESA provided design and construction quality control supervision for two tent structures and two modular units for Firehouses 2 and 4.

Super Storm Sandy

Floyd Bennett Field, NY
Contract value: $2.3M

ESA provided all necessary equipment, personnel, materials, supplies, and supervision to segregate approximately 12,000 cubic yards of commingled waste and dispose of stumps at Floyd Bennett Field. The commingled waste originally represented vegetative debris with various amounts of construction and demolition debris, soils, sand, plastic, tires, glass, and metals.

Hurricane Wilma Haul and Install Travel Trailers

Port Charlotte, FL
Contract value: $12M

ESA provided temporary housing site development and improvement for FEMA. Mobile homes and temporary housing travel trailers were hauled and installed at residences, commercial parks, and mobile home parks in Florida. Continuous maintenance and support to housing sites was provided.