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Design-Build Construction

Design-Build Construction 

After more than 20 years in design-build, we have come to have strong, trusting relationships with the many skilled subcontractors we have come to know. We continue to build these relationships to make certain we deliver to our clients’ specifications and at the highest industry standard.

ESA has professional engineers on staff to meet project requirements featuring any level of design. We further enhance our design-build capabilities by teaming with experienced architectural/engineering firms to offer this type of project delivery method. These individuals help to bridge the gap between ESA construction professionals and our vetted architectural/engineering teaming partners as well as provide additional quality control perspective on design development processes. The review of design documents from a constructability perspective can help identify problems before they occur in the field.

Healthcare Construction 

Constructing healthcare facilities is one of our areas of focus, and we continuously train our teams to meet the building codes and standards and work closely with our clients to ensure their uninterrupted operations. Construction of healthcare facilities is unique in that there are additional concerns for patient safety such as infection control risk assessment, indoor air quality, interim life safety planning, and noise pollution. Many of ESA’s superintendents have years of experience working in hospitals and maintain the American Society of Healthcare Engineering Health Care Construction Certification.

ESA has recent design-build experience for the Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Army Medical Command that has required extensive knowledge and compliance with both JCAHO and medical construction requirements in settings such as medical laboratories, inpatient and outpatient clinics, behavioral and mental health departments, pathology lab expansion, equipment site preparation, endoscopy renovation, and security and access control projects. On every project that we have performed, we are required to comply with construction industry codes, standards, specifications, law, and Federal Acquisition Regulation.

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