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Letter from Mayor

A message from the Mayor of the City of Key West:

A tremendous thank you to your team at ESA South, Inc. for your efforts in restoring the Keys through Operation Blue Roof in the wake of Hurricane Irma. You have worked countless hours. You have worked under extreme conditions. You have done this all for the good of the residents of the Florida Keys.

It’s so great to know we have such wonderful people working on our community who are willing to come together and support our home in the Florida Keys. It’s thanks to the effort made by people like you that we can start to piece our lives back together, get our service men and women back to work and their families back to normal as we recover from Hurricane Irma.

Your efforts through Operation Blue Roof, in partnership with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers have managed to put over 1200 families back in a safe, dry and healthy environment. We are so thankful for your support and want you all to know you are welcomed with open arms to Key West and the Florida Keys anytime. Keep up the great work and know that we are truly appreciative of your time and hard work.

Thanks again for your awesome show of support!

Craig Cates
Mayor, City of Key West

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